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Has focused much of his recent work on a series of paintings called Walks in Dreamtime in which actual street plans and maps are rendered in a technique used by Australian aboriginal artists, resulting in a unique and striking blend of colour and form. 

He also produces character studies of famous musicians, and topographical drawings in a “woodcut” technique, portraying subjects in Manchester, Stockport and the Peak District. 


Produces silver - on - black images of standing stones against a full Moon, in a series aptly titled “Moon

and Stones”. 

In addition, he uses a range of craft skills to produce Welsh slate tealight holders and mirror frames, beside constructing Dream catchers, wands, staffs and talismans using the technique of Sacred Geometry and runic inscription.

We can be found at: Unit 16, 2nd Floor 

Houldsworth Mill 


SK5 6DA 

He also performs, records and sells albums of instrumental music, much of it “ambient”, to induce a mood of relaxation.

Has considerable skill in producing Celtic and Saxon-style surface decoration, Bookmarks, glassware, silk-painting and pyrography. 

She also produces an extensive range of handmade greetings cards, which includes Star signs, Angels, Fairies, Mythological subjects and unique  “box” and  “book” style cards for all occasions. 

The range of cards now available is sufficiently broad to surprise many visitors to the gallery, and the opportunity to commission cards and verses to order is extremely popular.


For a wide range of distinctive and unusual craft goods, cards, unique and original art works, prints, ambient music and small gifts. The gallery displays our own work and a range of gifts and books which we have selected individually for their distinctive style. The craftspeople at Gothic Angel enjoy creating a wide range of artworks in various media. 


Tel: 07904247894 Opening Times: Thursday, Friday and Sunday 11am - 3:30pm