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Houldsworth Mill Shopping Centre

We are Now Open 7 Days a week

Welcomes you to experience the healing benefits of this very relaxing environment. The surroundings of the sanctuary will nurture you, calm your senses and soften your mood as you escape from the stress and chaos this world can often bring.

20 mins of pure relaxation, to enable you to revitalize as you experience the rejuvenating powers of  the Simalayan Salt Crystal Lamps and Pure Salt Rocks. These wonderful works of nature, are a symbol of well being, their ionizing action in the Sanctuary is purifying and can help with various complaints such as inflammation of  sinuses, catharal inflammation of nose and throat,

The Salt Lamps enhance the body’s immune system as their healing properties and trace minerals infuse the air in the Secret Sanctuary

Open 10:30 to 3:30

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Secret Sanctuary